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Thread: An experiment.

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    An experiment.

    I have several small logs where the centre has totally rotted out. Looking at them they are begging for something to be done so here's my first attempt. The outer rim is hawthorn. I have cleaned up and wire brushed all the loose stuff off and given it a light polish. The rim itself has been sanded and polished. The inner bowl is 3" dia in sycamore and is floating in mid air, suspended by it's rim from the little protrusion. I have at least another two of these so any ideas etc would be welcome. First thought was a clock but that seems to be a bit ordinary and I'd like to do something a bit different.


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    Neat. Keep as is for an art piece.
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    Very different but also very nice.

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    Different, but very cool. I like it.

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    Definitely thinking "outside the box" on this one, Pete. Cool concept...I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the other pieces. I might have a piece or two in the woodpile that would be candidates for something similar.
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    Pete, when I saw this, the first thing that came to mind was, here at my house, I have a small crystal bowl, about 3" across, where LOML and I put our wedding rings when we're not wearing them......I think it would be perfect like that...sitting in the front room, like a piece of art.

    The second thing I thought was that the outer, hollowed out piece almost looks heart-shaped. If it was sliced a bit thinner, I think the uneven edges inside and out would make a spectacular picture frame..... not sure what you would have to put on the back to hold the picture, but what an unusual shadow box it would make.....

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    Very interesting piece, thanks for posting.

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    Well Pete...I just don't know The idea is interesting, but maybe the hawthorne color is....I don't know. The better chance is that you have a lot more vision than I do. My wife thought it was cool!!
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    I come from a family of "Arty" people. The list is: Father (precision and detail), Mother (got about the price of a new Chevy for one oil), Sister (oils, acrylics, high fire ceramics), My self (above average B&W photography, high fire ceramics, oils (good technically, but not an artist), Son Glenn (he has the feel), Son Greg (like me, technically good in oils and photography) and all kinds of Arty friends. All that Bull was to impress you so that tears would flow and you would have to go out and have a beer or something. And donate the pieces to me (who loves art)...and who would proudly hang them on the front room wall.

    I would hang them on the wall. Unfortunately for me, your wall...they are great.


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    Hey Pete, how about a bit of collaboration with Sue, make a piece a home for a critter.
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