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Thread: Fish Tank Stand

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    Fish Tank Stand

    My grandson wanted a stand to hold two fish tanks,a 30 gallon one on the bottom and a 55 gallon one on the top. It was to fit between two door ways.
    I made a rough sketch (not Sketch up..but it works for me.) I started out by ripping seven 2x4s so as to get sone nice square edges that measure 1 1/2X3"
    After cutting all the pieces to length, I cut all the half laps in the legs and the rails. After a dry fit I assembled all the parts with glue and screws. Then put together front,back and the two ends. Making sure everything was square. Again with glue and screws. This time I set the screws 3/8 down and put wood plugs over them. Added the filler pieces for the bottom tank. Did a finall sanding and now it is all reddy for Grandson to stain and clear coat. It will be his early Christmas gift.Attachment 50570

    Attachment 50571

    Attachment 50572

    Attachment 50573

    Attachment 50574

    Attachment 50575

    Attachment 50576

    Attachment 50577

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    Hmmm, Seems to me there's somebody on this site with a motto of "when in doubt, build it stout"! That sure looks like it'll keep the floor and the fish tanks apart from each other

    That's a lot of half laps you cut there. What did you use to cut them all? Just curious...:

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    You really made those BORG 2x's look real nice

    Nice design and real sturdy
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    Nice work Ron. That oughta do it.
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    I used My dato blade on the table saw with the rip fence for a stop.
    If you make a mistake it was part of the original plan!

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    Well done, Ron. Definitely looks stout from here.
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    your work is always well planned and the finished products are always great.
    (Im just admiring the the neatness and organization of that shop, and those have nicer floors in your shop then alot of people have in their living room)envious, for sure.

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    Very nice. As an avid aquarium lover, I can say that a strong stand is everything. And that looks great too. Lucky kid.
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    Cool Tank Stand. Show us another pic when your grandson has done the finish.

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