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Thread: Felt like working today

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    Felt like working today

    Geeze, been almost a week sinse I was making messes in the shop

    Today I spent the afternoon setting up and slicing slots in the 3/8" slats I made last time, you said you wanted to see the jigs so... Nothing special, as I know you have done the same from time to time... Featherboards to hold the wood whilst a push stick protects my shaking hands (paws)

    Last year I had an Oops and lost my Zero clearance plate and a featherboard (we won't discuss that ) So today I taped a sheet of Veneer over the throat and it works fine, also clamped the remaining half of the old featherboard to the sacrifice fence.

    Back is killing me so I think I will find my Ole Leather chair and settle in for the night, What? did the wood gods leave me some back relief?
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