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Thread: Own all the lie nielsen tools?

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    Own all the lie nielsen tools?

    I found this page from another forum of a guy who built a tool chest. Check out what he filled it with (make sure you cover you keyboards from drooling before you click the link)

    Guess he didnt want to worry about fitting another plane in later so he just bought them all now. Just think how much money it took to fill that tool chest I just wanna know whats in the other 4 drawers?

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    well eric,, i think that he has a better payun job than i have and that is one fine collection of some very good tools.. i see blue spruce stuff in there as well..i also think the guy knows what those tools are for after seeing that tool box. thanks for posting it i need to clean the key board
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    Beautiful collection

    Color me pretty jealous
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    Oh my, that is one wonderful piece of work, all the way around. Nice chest, nice tools. It makes my head spin...

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    I guess when L-N or LV come out with new tools, he'll have to build another drawer unit...
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    Beautiful cabinet.
    As for the collection of tools.....I have mixed feelings. When does appreciation of something become an obsession?
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    If the guy is using them or not, it's his money not YOURS so who cares

    Lovely toolbox for sure!
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    Thanks for the warning on the drool rag. My keyboard would never be the same. Nice box and nice stuff in it. I wonder if that LV tape measure feels lonely?
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    (warning nitpick ahead...)

    The placement of his tape measures in the top drawer puzzle me. Right-handed or left, it seems to me that it'll be upside down when you pick one up.
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    That is one beautiful tool chest. And Oh My, what a beautiful collection. Just curious......did anyone notice that the planes are all *blade* *down*?
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