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    I want to be able to except credit cards at shows. A while back a couple of people said Propay was a good one. Do you still feel that way or have things changed with them that would be a problem. I do like the idea that you can use a cell phone and call in the info or collect info and enter on computer later. Or who do you use that is reasonable for some one who does a very limited number of shows.

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    I'm a ProPay user, and I just renewed my account for another year. The yearly fee is less than any other provider I've seen. They do charge a comparatively high transaction rate, but when I add up all the costs, I've still not found a better setup for people like you and me who aren't doing shows every month.
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    I agree with Vaughn.

    I have been with them for maybe over 5 years.

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    I agree with part of what Vaughn says... I've been a propay customer for about 2 years now and find that it works good. I don't think their transaction rate is all that high and since I've factored it in to my pricing, it's a non-issue. I would guestimate since I really don't have any data, that sales have increased significantly since I started taking credit cards. I don't use a cell phone, just the knucklebuster and it does take about 5-6 days from date of sale to the time the money is actually in your bank... I make a sale on Saturday, input the info that night and it's usually Thursday before I have the cash..
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    Thanks for the info guys. I will give them a try.

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    I'm on my 3rd. year as a propay user. I use the micro reader that you can purchase for $89 rather than the knuckle buster or writing down customer info. custumers love it, get a kick out of the technology and like that I care enough to protect their info.



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