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Thread: PC vs Mac

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    PC vs Mac

    I'm not trying to start any wars here, but our old computor died. My son and his wife have and like the Macs. I have only ever worked with PCs. Macs are higher priced and I,m told that they are more viruse free. My wife will be the one to use it the most. She mainly does e-mail and scrapbooking. Finds the pics that are downloaded and then prints them. For those of you that have used both what are your opinions? If you were to buy another computor today which would you get? Our old computor was 8 years old so we will not update to a new version very often.

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    Is your son close by? Is he going to be your tech support?
    Do you like learning new things? Can you and your wife change 8 years of ingrained habits? Have you had problems with your current PC? How often has it crashed and/or needed to be reinstalled? Is there an apple store nearby so you can make use of their services if needed? How tech-savvy are you?

    Those are all questions you'll have to answer yourself.

    I bought my wife a mac first, and later gave up my Linux box and bought myself one. I support Windows and Unix at work, and some Macs also. I'll stick with Macs at home.

    Sure, we still get problems, and even the occasional rare crash. But at the time we made our choices, this was closest to the "it just works" system.
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    Yeah, what Art said +1. I use both, and I've worked with both. I prefer my Mac. It just works better--it's hard to explain to non-Mac users, but it's more stable. For you wife, if it's just email, internet and scrapbooking, *and* you have some support from someone who knows Mac, I'd say definitely Mac even if it's a little more $. If all you were doing all day was Excel spreadsheets, I'd say stick to PC (although a Mac can run Microsoft programs). But for arty stuff, I think most would agree that Mac is the better choice. FWIW, YMMV.
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    What Art said +2. Once you get used to a system, it is very hard to relearn. As for viruses, Kaspersky anti-virus and good old common sense seems to stop most viruses. And if you have your computer back it's self up automatically, should not be an issue.

    One more suggestion. Since we are so close to the holidays, I would recommend waiting for Black Friday. Dell always has an incredible deal on line. Last year they had huge desktops for $299 with free shipping. Should be better this year. I bought 3 of them and gave them to the three youngest for Christmas. They are great systems

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    Never used a mac, but from what I hear they are what you want if you don't like messing around with stuff...

    Me, Eh, I like messing around with computers and build my own from the components. So, I'm a windoze and Linux user...

    Although I do quite like my little ipod touch....

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    for me and mine, i stick with the pc based computers. then again, my prejudice goes way back to the days when apples were for those who wanted a dumbed down version of a pc. either way, a pc is a pc(yes, a mac is a personal computer too), whether it is microsoft or mac, and each have gotten progressivly easier to use. there is a reason the mac is relatively virus free, and that is due to the very small share they have in the business world. hackers only target really big targets, hence all the attacks on pc's in the business world. besides, apple computers haven't really advanced that much since they stole the gui interface from xerox, it's all been minor tweaks. just a humble opinion from someone with almost 30 years dealing with the world's fastest idiots. (think about it, there's a reason computers don't have feet...)
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    It's a preference. I'm a PC guy, but I've liked Macs. But not the price - 2-3x of what you'll pay for identical hardware.

    If you haven't tried Win7, it's such a pleasure.

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    I see that some are still confused about the true history of computer evolution.

    Wanting it to be does not make it a fact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Hatfield View Post
    It's a preference. I'm a PC guy, but I've liked Macs. But not the price - 2-3x of what you'll pay for identical hardware.

    If you haven't tried Win7, it's such a pleasure.
    If it was identical it Would have an Apple logo!

    Do a side by side price comparison and it will be very even in $$$$.
    You can not buy a new cheap Mac but you can buy a real cheap machine running Microsoft windows -- and that is what you get a real cheap machine.
    Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it
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    I'll re-iterate what's been said. Macs are good machines if you don't like to fiddle with them. I see them a lot like when Windoze was when it first came out. MS used to limit who could write programs for it, therefore they controlled the quality of the apps and what damage it could do to the PC and OS, therefore a safe bet for someone that doesn't like to fiddle and can pay a little more.

    On the flip side I see linux like DOS used to be, I really hated the command line. Unfortunately I spend most days in it.

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