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Thread: oak root BH

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    oak root BH

    Oak root bollow hox. with keith burnes finial. 9"x 4" with ebonized cherry finial and base. The base ain't glued on yet so i can change it if you think it should be changed. I know the pic of it ain't real good,but it is supposed to look similar to the top. All c&c welcome as always.
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    At first glance the base didn't look as exciting as the rest of the piece. After looking at it for a while though, it appears to be just fine.

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    I'd have the finial and base a lot thinner if it were me, maybe personal preference. Each piece is fine but they seem to be mismatched. If the finial came from a much slimmer base where it meets the globe and the base stem were to be a lot slimmer it would be great instead of just good.


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    I Like It....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey Steve,
    I think a thinner pedestal spindle would help out, base is really nice and the finial is really great
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    I like it alot! Beautiful wood and great job. To my eye, and I dont do finials..yet... I think the taper at the pedestal could be a little more the size of the finial. But then I'm chronically attracted to symmetry, hence, my newfound love for the lathe! Thanks for posting.

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    Great looking piece. I agree that a more delicate finial and base would really make that piece stand out.
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    Ya done good, Steve. I agree with the comments about making the finial and the pedestal thinner, but I like the forms. (Especially the hox. Great wood, very pleasing form, and it looks to be very nicely bollowed, too.) I'd say this is a very nice piece.
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    Looks good to me... since I'm not sure I could accomplish what you've done, can't offer any critique... I know at my shows, pieces like this will get lots and lots of attention.
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    Well I know I couldn't accomplish what he has done. I love the piece and I'm not a real fans of the very delicate pieces. Just my preference. I like the final as base as they are. THe hox looks heavy and therefore the heavier finial and base seem to fit. I really like the finish you gave it.
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