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Thread: Another Family Visit

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    Another Family Visit

    I had a visit Tuesday from Jim Burr, who drove all the way from Fresno to my part of Los Angeles to come play with lathes. He recently purchased a Mini Monster Articulating Arm hollowing system from Monster Lathe Tools, and was hoping for a few tips and tricks for using it. As a bonus, he showed up bearing gifts of English walnut, olive, pistachio, almond, and I don't remember what else. All nice woods, and I'm looking forward to opening them up. I don't know if he got what he was looking for, but by the end of the afternoon he'd turned a nice hollow form. (OK, I did the easy part and had the outside already rough shaped, but he did all the heavy lifting by hollowing and sanding it.)

    Although I've been using the full-sized Monster Articulating Arm system for a couple years, this was my first hands-on session with the mini version. Randy (the guy who makes the tools -- he's also a member here) is continually improving his products, and I saw a few subtle improvements he's made since I bought my rig from him. It's a very nice rig.

    Here are a few shots for the Picture Police...

    Jim busy hollowing:

    Attachment 50832

    The laser-guided cutter in action:

    Attachment 50833

    Final shaping of the neck:

    Attachment 50834

    Jim sanding the bottom as I was showing him how a friction chuck works, and one way to finish a bottom without having a vacuum chuck:

    Attachment 50835

    And proof I was there, too:

    Attachment 50836

    Jim's going to have to post pics of the finished piece, since I failed to get any shots of it after it was done. It came out looking very nice, in my opinion. He did a great job hollowing it out, especially for his first real "blind hollowing" experience. He pays attention to what he's doing, and recognized things that can be improved on the next one, but I'm sure he'll be a quick to learn the feel for the hollowing rig.

    He's great guy and I know I had a fun day playing in the shop...I hope he did too.
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    Good job on both of you!!! Great photos, looking forward to seeing the finished piece Jim.
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    Sincerely, Thanks for opening your home Vaughn Your house is a Fine Art museum of your work, and what a difference to touch and and examine what we normally only see a picture of And the parting gifts were great!!
    If any of you ever have the chance to head of to L.A. and spend a day with's worth it's weight in ebony...if he doesn't know doesn't need to be known ...I'm still processing the info and making notes so I don't lose it. Thanks again sir
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    Nice! Can't wait to see those finished pics Jim.

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    Far out! Those little hollowing rigs look pretty cool!

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    Family visits are the best part of this forum.!
    Best regards,

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    I am green with envy Jim. Good for you Vaughn passing on the knowledge.

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    Jim, you're very welcome, and the pleasure was mine. I do have to respectfully take exception to this comment, though...

    ...if he doesn't know doesn't need to be known
    As much as I appreciate the sentiments, I still have a LOT left to learn about turning. I'm still an adolescent at this stuff compared to a lot of guys. But we all learn from each other -- I learned a few things from you, too -- and that's part of what makes it all fun.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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