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Thread: It's over, here we go again.

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    It's over, here we go again.

    Election day is behind us. Campaign 2012 starts today.
    Wife is still in bed. Daughter just called and is going back to bed. I feel like going back to bed. We are exhausted. Those of you who are regulars here know my family is very active politically. Daughter works for one of the major political parties and is, essentially, unemployed today. Wife and I volunteer. We worked one of the polls yesterday. I always gripe and grumble before election day about 'having' to work. I don't "have" to work the polls, it is my choice. But, really while there and after I feel good about being part of the process that is so important to keeping America free. Tiring and often disappointing but we keep plugging away at it. I have been working in the 'process' since I was 12 years old, that is now 60 years. Must be in my blood. I had a great-great aunt who, on a very meager income, always bought a big bundle of small American flags and went house to house the day before elections and passed them out encouraging people to get out and vote, regardless of party. She did this well into her 90's. I simply could not make myself not do less or whatever I can to maintain that American spirit.
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    It was a little quite on the radio this morning. I actually missed all the name calling. It was like loosing an old friend

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    Well I won't miss the phone ringing and all the recorded messages. They don't know it but I've had some very heated conversations with many policitations over the past few weeks. For some reason they just kept talking and didn't respond to my statements!?
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