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Thread: Good news/bad news

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    Good news/bad news

    In need of firewood and with my condition i opted to Buy some wood. A friend called and said there was a sign "$60 truck load seasoned wood" So I called and they said "as much as you can pile on" Last night my son & I went to pick it up. Filled my F150 to the max. (my son is very frugle and stacked every cubic inch full) and brought it home, (he neatly stacked in my racks and loaded the rack at the patio door. Not all split, some rounds 8"-10" and this morning In day light, I see Walnut, Sassafrass, Locust, Ash, Hickory, and some not yet identified. Cut last summer and stored in a barn for over a year.

    Good news #1 I have a great son who helps me a lot and is handy as can be.

    Good news #2 LOML has ample supply for the winter, as she does love that fire.

    Problem #1 I see some nice turning woods there.

    Problem #2 If I rescue the wood for projects, LOML will complain constantly.

    Problem #3 Present medical status won't allow to do much turning.

    Solution #1 I have already stashed some previous firewood pieces for project ideas. I can select the better pieces in the wood pile and exchange the older stashed woods, that way improving my project stash and still filling the woodbox.

    Solution #2 Have appointment with neuroligist on Tuesdaay for results from last round of tests and I'm sure he has found the answers to my problems and can cure me... I Hope.

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    sound like ya need to get another load of wood..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Baer View Post
    sound like ya need to get another load of wood..
    Better get 2 more

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    I hope your neuro has figured out the course you need to take Bill.
    There will always be wood, and I agree, you have a good boy, you always know what good kids you have when the chips are down and they are there for you.
    Please keep us posted and I hope by next weds or thurs you are back on your lathe and fighting with your wife over her firewood and your bowl blanks.

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    Allen took the words right out of my mouth. Forget the wood, you can always get more. I hope the doc has a solution. Real good son BTW, i particularly like his stacking in the truck.

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    good luck on the docotro visit bill.. and get more wood
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    Ya can't always get a deal like that on a truckload of that kind of wood. I say one more load at least needed. Good luck in the Dr. visit, will say a few prayers for you. And, congratulations on raising a GREAT son!!!

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    I agree /you need more wood --make something special for your Doctors---do follow their orders

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    Quote Originally Posted by ray hampton View Post
    I agree /you need more wood --make something special for your Doctors---do follow their orders
    Those suckers find out what is wrong with me and finds a cure, I'll make them anything they want. As long as they don't ask for payment up front orthey insist on pushing "next visit" for several weeks, I gues they think I'm going to survive...

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    be careful doctors can be somewhat on the greedy side

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