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Thread: Significant Others

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    Significant Others

    For the purposes of Santa, who knows when you've been sleeping, who knows when you're awake, who knows when you've been bad or good, etc., what, if any, hobbies are your Significant Others interested in?

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    Quilting (like you, I believe), and some chip carving now and then.

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    Channel surfing, talking, honey-do list making, and shopping...that's about it.

    She does a little crafting, got her into making jewelry a few years back as well as making her own glass beads. She also does some writing once in a while.

    Edit...forget: She loves to decorate (not sure how I forgot this, I'm her assigned carpenter), has been taking design classes to get certified. Also has her certification in floral design.
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    Many what I call minor hobbies

    Major hobbies---> plays the hammer dulcimer, weaves (many looms), photography, scroll saw work, takes care of me.
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    Mine likes to knit and crochet and has an ETSY store featuring crocheted risque ManHandle Pot Holders under the seller name 'ayarnnut' and another ETSY store selling knitted baby and American Girl doll items under the seller name 'ayarnsquirrel'.

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    She likes to read, remind me of things I need to do, cook "healthy" - ugh, and tend to her/our trees (this includes working the tractor if the slopes are not too steep) She also enjoys doing wood working projects - with me if possible.

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    Wife does counted cross stitch so I get to make frames.

    Daughter does stained glass so I get to make frames.

    Granddaughter is almost a year old and she's watching Mom and Gramma and making plans.

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    LOML plays computer games, goes to the gym, does volunteer work at the local hospital and occasionally she will help me do finishing on woodworking projects.
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    LOML is a full time Mom, and keeps busy chasing our kids around to various sports venues (Football, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball...) plus she just 'retired' from the volunteer Fire Co. after 12 years of EMS/Fire service, so we can focus on prepping our house for sale this winter.

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