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Thread: A&C Ceiling fixture

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    A&C Ceiling fixture

    I'm in the process of remaking our 70's ranch into a turn of the century bungalow, at least a little bit of the interior. This includes the living room and dinning room. The dining room will have (almost finished) 50" tall VGDF wainscoting with a plate rail, the fireplace will be the subject of another thread, and new lighting.

    The cost of period fixtures that will fit nicely into a home with 92 1/2" ceilings is very high and they are few in number. So, I decided to make my own! Jan had already picked out the pendant light she wanted over the kitchen sink so I picked up an additional four to make this ceiling fixture. Simply four pendants hanging from one base. Total cost $160. Not bad considering what I was seeing on the price tags of some other fixtures. Also below, a sneak peek at the wainscoting. Woods are VGDF and ebonized walnut.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Love the light Rennie, great idea to create your own and your tease of the wainscoting is working, MORE PLEASE

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    Great stuff Rennie I really like the light
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    Somebody's been busy. Looks great.

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    Very nice. Lighting fixtures for low ceilings is kind of limited. That looks great!

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    That is very cool and you're right, would have been a fortune to buy that way. Love the wainscoting, at least what you've shown (hint...more...more).


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    Looks fantastic
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    Looks very nice, Rennie. I need to take LOML to the Gamble House one of these days, just to see if she likes the style. It'd be fun to transform a "modern" house into something more like the Craftsman style.

    I also wonder if I should go into the square ebony plug business. Between you and Glenn, I could sell a bunch of 'em.
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    I just caught up . Great looking fixture. The pendants look like they were made for it. The ebonized walnut came out nice and dark I would like to hear about your method (or get pointed to the thread if I missed it). But wait, more questions:

    -Are the four plugs decorative or for the mounting screws?

    -Dados in the top for wire-path or do they just stub through to boxes above?

    I think you are going to have a really nice 'look and feel' for the room and look forward to other installments. Way to go.
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