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Thread: Buying Tools in the Winter

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    Buying Tools in the Winter

    Will there be a lot of significant discounts/sales on tools after Christmas? If someone is planning to buy stuff (not me, nope, no sirree bob) is it worthwhile to wait until after the holidays?
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    Dealers make very little on power tools. It's so competitive that there is little mark up. They make their money on consumables.
    If there are any specials it's usually before Christmas.

    Grizzley is currently running some pretty good specials right now. Check out their new sales flyer.
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    Bob's right. The holiday sales and incentives like free shipping are starting to kick in, and typically only last until Christmas or the end of the year.
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    Yes there is a very big difference. All that cast iron is really cold when you get it home.
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    As others have said, the margin on many tools is very small. It took me awhile to realize that in general, 15% off a power tool was something to move on. This conditioning has helped me make quite a few good decisions when I found things at 40% or more off on clearance or in the "blow out" bins. Instead of missing out by waiting to ask someone "is this a good deal?", I snapped them up and am using them still.

    In my area, Lowe's and Home Depot do seasonal changes to their displays. Right after, they dump the tools that the workers took out of stock and used. This is where I picked up my first Milwaukee router missing the case and one collet for a song. Another time I picked up a Bosch sander without the case for $24. Clamps and other items used by the ham-handed goofs show up at a fraction of new as well.

    A lot of getting a good deal comes from knowing what the regular price is and acting instead of second guessing BUT, don't buy everything just because its cheap; focus, focus, focus. Home Depot has supplied me and Christmas gifts for parties with their $20 shop-vacs that show up on or around Black Friday. There are deals to be had but, I don't think many of them have come AFTER the holidays for me.

    P.s. Grizzly's current Christmas flier ain't bad.
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