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Thread: Strange connections @ school

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    Strange connections @ school

    Now that the first semester is about over, the teachers are starting to let their hair down a bit and talk more. More about stuff instead of class stuff. Well I think I have figured out why I like Writing and Algebra so much. The writing teachers husband used to mess around with woodworking. The algebra teacher collects old tools, most woodworking. He also likes to restore old antique furniture. Being the chemistry teacher, he loves the challenge of matching the old stains and colors.

    Small world.

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    Steve it sure is a small world. Hey you been watching the "American Pickers" show on Discovery? Everytime i see it i think of you going to auctions. I keep thinking all those people hanging on to stuff when they could get real cash for it. Then they pass on and you go to auction and pick it up for next to nothing. They should have taken the money while they could.

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    I watch it when I can. I really like it, but I am a junk kind of guy.

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