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Thread: Dewalt 735

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    Dewalt 735

    While still awaiting the final details of my new shop to decide between upgrading to a Dewalt 735 and the 15" Grizzly planer, I checked amazon.

    Dewalt 735 planer is $496 delivered

    This i the best price I've seen on this if anybody is looking for one.

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    That is a great price, I do love mine. had it about 4 year now. on my 3rd set of knives. I've ran White and Red Oak maple pine and just about everything I can find and it does a fine job. There are time when I could use a wider one but don't think the 2" would be worth the money. If I were stepping up it would be to a 20"
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    I'm mostly interested in the power and carbide cutterhead. The 15" part doesn't really appeal to me that much. I'm torn between the two, although the steel city lunchbox with helical cutter looks nice too.

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    I've been watching the Amazon price also and ordered my DW735 last Thursday. It's on the UPS delivery truck that will be at my house this afternoon.
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