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Thread: Engraving done

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    Engraving done

    Well the engraving is done I really like the way that the Bob Marley & Marylin Monroe came out. I don't like the platter with the pics of my three nieces. The engraving is way to light hard to see the pics. I'm thinking of turning away the engraving & having it done again???
    Comments, questions, advice. anything is welcome.

    Click for full size.

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    I think they look great......can you tell me how you did the engraving? very interesting work - really like the Monroe ..........
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    I sent it to someone with a laser engraving mach.

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    Looks good to me. Actually, seeing the grain through the image gives a very ethereal look to the work. I wouldn't change a thing....except maybe the subject choice on plate #1.
    BTW, when I opened the pics I got a very annoying pop-up ad. Wassup with that?
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    No idea it's on my photobucket acct.

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