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Thread: I'll be Brave and Post this Here Also

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    I'll be Brave and Post this Here Also

    I posted this on another forum and the response wasn't too bad. This is one of my goofy ideas I just had to try. I have never done any casting and I am no way set up for it, but I just had to give this a try. I ran to the local hobby store and got some Aluminite. All they had was call Water Clear. I have never heard of it but like I said I have never cast before. I got a pine cone from the yard, put it in an empty pill bottle, mix up the Aluminite and poured it in. I tried to put the bottle on my scroll saw for a while to get some of the bubbles out. It did get some but there were still a lot left. Next day i turned it. It turned the cone a gray color. Not sure why. Well this is how it turned out. I think this is not good, but there are possibilities, i.e., maybe some coloring in the mix or something. It was fun and I love to experiment so all is not lost. Maybe if I pit a little light in it.....

    All comments welcome, I have thick skin.
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    You know I think I'd like it with some color that didn't turn gray.. It sure shows you are thinking and the turning seems fine.....


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    That's how we learn! I kinda like it. A little hard to see the Aluminite, but I thinks it's a cool way to start. Aluminite almost always has to go in a pressure pot to force out the bubbles.
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    That's cool!!!! Neat idea and execution!!!

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    I think you might be onto something, Paul. The concept is cool, and although the gray might not be to your taste, I think you could do some cool stuff with colors. I'm sure as you do more of them, the bubble issues will either get handled or incorporated into the design.
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    Nice one Paul, you gonna join the birdhouse competition. If you are you gotta make another but more rustic. We cant have experts like you beating out all the amateurs like me. Maybe we put you and Bernie and Vaughn in a category of your own.

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    I like it How about adding metal flake they use on guitars

    Takes me back to my college days when I supervised the foundry class. Had no eyebrows for a whole semester

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    I think it is very cool, good job on thinking outside the box

    If you had a vacuum chamber you could get rid of the bubble easy, they are not hard at all to make!
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    Paul, that is a cool piece. Great work and idea.

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