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Thread: Birdhouse showdown (sign up for competition)

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    Birdhouse showdown (sign up for competition)

    Ok all you flatworkers the turners have made it possible to have a competition for everyone this year.

    See this thread if you want to join the showdown for the best Birdhouse this Xmas.

    members of the Family Woodworking member can also take part that way kids (grandchildren for some of you Grandpa Larry ) can be part of the fun this year. We can have a separate category for them so they dont get outgunned by the big boys.

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    Great idea Rob, we have the beard contest in the winter. Lathe pumpkin craving for Halloween. Christmas spinny birdhouse. How about a bird house contest in the spring for all?

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    Sure sounds like fun Rob. I have a blanket chest and 2 twin beds due before Christmas so I won't have time to join in.
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    Come on Bob, it won't take very long....
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