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Thread: My tool panel UPDATED! Made the rasp!

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    My tool panel UPDATED! Made the rasp!

    Hi guys, as many of you have shown interest in my carved tool panel I can't but show it here.

    I'm afraid it is still in its very begginings but I pretend to devote regular time to it so I can finish it before 2012. So far I've only removed bottomed it out with a router, and started working on the left hand side.

    What I did was to take the picture I'm including and drew the outline of the tools. It took me while to find out a visual composition that I liked together with looking ahead about the carving problems I would encounter putting one tool on top or under another.

    The other guy next to it you've already seen it, I've been tweaking it a bit and still needs the final clean up but for that one I need to be in the proper frame of mind or I'll mess it up

    Thanks for looking, comments, critics and suggestion are welcome.
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    Looks like you are off to a great start.

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    Thats really neat Toni. Very nice.

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    It could be worse You could be on fire.
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    That is going to be an incredible carving when it is complete Toni, way cool

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    Love it. Work of art and a record of tool history.
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    That mallet looks ready. I just want to pick it right off of the whole piece.

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    Now you see, that is why Toni is an artist and I'm just a hack

    I see that pile of tools on the floor, an I think "oh boy, got to pick all of them up and put them away".

    Toni sees them and thinks, "Boy that would make a very cool 3D carving to hang on my wall"......

    Very cool indeed Toni, keep it up
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    I love both of the carvings Toni. Just truly awesome.

    What's the inspiration for the second carving?

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    That is gona be SO cool Toni
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