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Thread: Cordless Drill Bit Storage

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    Cordless Drill Bit Storage

    Not exactly earth shattering but I find this convinent. 2 rare eath magnet washers and a tie wrap

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    Ya know Dan, I never thought about it before, but all my drill bits are cordless.

    I like the idea of the magnet, though. I've got a 1/2" rare earth magnet stuck on the head of my drill press to hold the chuck key. (No attacment other than magnetic.) I've never had it fall off the magnet during use, and as long as I remember to put it back when I'm done with it, it's always easy to find. I also use several of them on the side of a metal cabinet to hold various steel measuring devices, including a 25' Stanley tape measure and a combo square.
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    Very good Dan. I have never seen that solution before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Ya know Dan, I never thought about it before, but all my drill bits are cordless.
    Ha yeah but the bits for driving fasteners must have feet cause they always seem to walk off and hide

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