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    I ran across a picture in Rocklers newest catalog that got my interest. It was for holding the sanding disks for orbatal sanders. Was only $29.00. But looking for another project anyway ...... This seemed like a good one for me to do. I have a minimum space to work with,but found it would fit in the same place as my sanders set. Also makes it a snap to line up the holes with the ports on the sander. As the dowels are in same pattern that holds the sand paper. Just load them on with the sandpaper down and your good to go. Thanks to the picture in Rocklers catalog....a good addition to my shop.Click image for larger version. 

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    Pretty slick Ron. That sure beats the cardboard box I have all those little boxes of sandpaper sitting in....

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    Very cool they a real help Ron. I made a similar unit. Would help though if i wrote the grit size on them like you.

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    Good stuff Ron. I did something similar out of scrap and an old fiberglass arrow shaft and it has definitely earned its keep. I really like your idea of labeling the "shelves". Seems so obvious now that I see you do it. I just never thought to do that. Thanks!
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