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Thread: Cool Turning Video

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    Cool Turning Video

    Had to share this link. Some of you may have seen Virgil Leih's work before. This link shows a bit more about him and his MASSIVE lathe.
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    Looks like Vaughns shop.

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    Really enjoyed that. thanx
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    Great stuff, Jeff. I have enough trouble selling an 18" bowl...I can imagine he'd need to find a special client to buy a 7' vase. I would like to see the tools he uses for hollowing the insides of his pieces.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Southwood View Post
    Looks like Vaughns shop.
    Well, he does have the 8' microwave, but my Stihl chainsaw is bigger. I've got the 96" bar.
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    That is one heck of a large lathe and you would need one very large place to set it up. Interesting to see he uses a chain saw and grinder to begin the roughing down. The boring bars and setup would be interesting to see....................good video .............thanks
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    That was great thank Jeff
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    Great video. I really enjoyed that.
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    Awesome video. Really enjoyed it

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    Great video!

    One of those lathes came up for sale on eBay a few months ago. I died a little inside as I watched the auction expire.



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