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Thread: First Queen beds and Twin beds

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    First Queen beds and Twin beds

    Hey all-
    Long story short the wife and I needed a couple of queen beds and two twin beds in short order. In the span of one Sunday afternoon and 3 very long nights (after work!) I built these beds. Never built a bed before so that made it just a little more of a challenge. I don't think they turned out too bad.

    One is out of white oak the other is red oak and the twins are pine. The oak is from trees I cut a couple of years ago. The pine I tried to order locally, but they mixed up the delivery. I had to get them done, so that night with a flash light and headlights I was sawing up some left over kiln dried logs from a log cabin project Next morning on my way into work (3 hours of sleep!) just passing my neighbors barn I spotted the lumber. They delivered it to the wrong place!
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    Doug, those look great. I could use a few of those myself!
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    Four beds in four days? You're working at Allen Levine speed, Doug. The results look great, too.
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    Those are great. I have 2 twin beds on my to do list for Christmas and I may steal some of your ideas

    What kind of rail hangers did you use ?

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    all of them are just super! amazing what one can do with the proper motivation....
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    Bob - On the oak bed I used these from Rockler.

    Not bad. A little touchy to get a tight fit. Very strong.

    On the twins I just glued and screwed.

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