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Thread: Router vs Shaper question

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    Router vs Shaper question

    I have a power question for anyone that's used both. How does a 1-1/2 hp shaper stack up against a router table with say a 7518 motor in it for doing raised panels?

    My dad is going to get rid a grizzly shaper that he never even used, someone gave to him. He offered to let me have it if I wanted. I'd been thinking about getting a stronger router (currently have a 2-1/4hp) but thought this might be as strong or stronger than the 3-1/4 hp universal motor. It is free, but I don't want to lug it over and lose the floor space if it's not going to be strong enough to run raised panel bits/cutters.

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    Not a big fan of routers, just so darn noisy. So I have not used one a lot. But I think it is safe to say a good shaper is going to be hands down better for big cuts than a router. Horsepower may be lower but the spindle spins slower and the gearing will multiply the torque.

    Down side is the shaper bits are not cheap. But if you can get it free why not try it?

    I have an old Delta with a 1 1/2 hp motor and I love mine. I use it over the router for most things.
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    That shaper will have all the power you need to run a panel bit. I had both a 3 hp and a 1.5 hp shaper. I sold the 3 hp off and keep the 1.5 because it has a smaller table. The 3hp would raise a panel in one pass. the 1.5 it will do it in one but you end up with a better panel with 2 or 3 passes.
    Don't forget that you can get a collar for it and run you router bits on it too.
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    chuck has lead you in the right direction jeb,, that shaper is better than a router for heavy cuts like panel raising.. and on the router spindle he talks about.. that does give more use of your shaper and bit usage but shaper cutters are better than router cutters in my opinion...
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    Thanks guys. I figured this was the case buy thought I'd ask before lugging it over to the house and buying the router collet. I don't have a lot of application for one, but I do have some raised panel router bits that I use occasionally. I'd be glad to do raised panels in two passes. I think it takes about 6 with my 2-1/4 hp router to get them done.

    I think i'll go ahead and get the shaper. It's free anyway, other than letting my dad come over and use it when he needs. He's probalby on to something though, give me the shaper and let me buy all the tooling/store it, then he can come over and use it when he needs...

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