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Thread: Nova Comet mini lathe

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    Nova Comet mini lathe

    Does anyone have knowledge of a supply house for parts for the Nova Comet. Or does anyone know of a banjo tool rest that will fit the bedways? What about an owners manual or part list?

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    It says here that all the parts are available through Teknatool.

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    John, I agree with Cynthia. Teknatool should be able to help. Their US support was recently changed from Tim Geist to another provider, but here's an e-mail that was sent to Nova owners to explain things:

    As part of our ongoing program to provide enhanced customer service, we are moving to a new service centre, based in Florida.

    We have really valued Tim Geist's great assistance in servicing Nova Products and customers to date, but he has decided that he wants to move on to other opportunities. We wish to thank him for his stalwart service for Nova and wish him all the best for the future!
    This has presented us with a nice challenge, and an opportunity to re look at how we met our increased service needs in order to meet our growing sales and popularity in the market. Also we want not only to meet our service requirements - but ensure that we further improve our service levels and enhance our customer care experience.

    We are excited by this move and look forward to being able to offer our customers an improved level of service and assistance, with longer service hours and dedicated NOVA engineers.

    Our office is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. An afterhours urgent message service is available outside of these hours.

    Our toll free number remains the same:

    Our contact details

    Teknatool NOVA
    4627 Chancellor St, NE
    St Petersburg
    Florida 33703

    Toll Free Calls - 1-866-748-3025
    Toll Free Fax - 1-866-748-4193
    Phone - 727-346-4775
    Email -

    This centre is now open to receive calls and emails, and any returned products, and will be ready to ship all standard orders for parts from Monday 18th October. Some urgent orders for parts will be shipped before this date on a case by case basis.

    Once fully operational, this centre will ship parts next business day. We appreciate your patience during this short period while this centre becomes fully operational.

    You can order parts and spares online or contact us

    We are reviewing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and will report back in our next store newsletter how things are going. We are also steadily improving the level of service on our website, with enhanced FAQs and product support, more on this in upcoming newsletters.

    In the meantime, we are very much looking forward to providing our NOVA owners and users with this improved level of service, and please don't hesitate to contact us, or me directly, should you wish to discuss this move further with our team.

    All the best,
    Peter Baker, CEO
    Teknatool NOVA
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    Nova Comet lathe

    Thanks for the info. I tried that site, but couldn't pull up the user manual for the Comet. I just emailed Tektools to see if parts for the Mercury are compatible to the Comet.

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    Wayne, why not put the post as an individual post in the classified section, it will get more coverage that way. If you would like I can more it there for ya,

    Just a note to avoid confusion, Wayne posted that he is selling his comet Lathe.
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    That would be good but I wanted John to see this also. Thanx

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