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    Can I Mix ....

    Can I mix same species wood with two different moisture contents? How close do they need to be?

    Background: A project became more ambitious after initial design so I had to buy more walnut. So now I have some that has been in the shop for a couple of months and reads 6 - 7 %, the newer stuff reads 8 - 10% on my meter.

    I wouldn't think twice about using any of it by itself, but am I asking for trouble if I mix 6% with 10%??

    The wood is 5/4 and 4/4 walnut. It will hopefully become a dining table top and a bookcase/buffet with side panels. So flatness is a concern.

    If it is a concern, I can go ahead and make the buffet with the 10% stuff and give the 8% stuff a couple more weeks to acclimatize. The table was due to SWMBO last Thanksgiving, so a little later won't hurt, much

    Thanks in advance for your always sage advice.
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    Don't think I can help you Jesse. I would think a couple percentage points wouldn't make much difference, but maybe someone with more expertise can help out!

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    My first thought is the same as Ed. That small a % difference should not be enough to show up--but then what do I know. I would think in the desert they should take a very short time to match.

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    jessie, i`ve never owned a moisture meter so can`t offer advice based on that
    i`d let the wood sit in your shop for a coupla weeks and start cutting , build to allow for movement just like always and you should be fine....tod
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