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Thread: New Toy in the Shop!

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    New Toy in the Shop!

    In another thread a while back, I talked about my Old Delta lunchbox planer blowing up and asked for input about a specific planer to replace it. Several people encouraged me to take a step up and go for the DeWalt DW735 2-speed planer. Sticker shock was an issue, but I didn't really need a planer for a while so I kept watching the price of the DW735. Patience (not something I'm known for) paid off!

    A couple of weeks ago, the price of the DW735 dropped to $495 on, so I ordered one. It arrived in a few days, but had some damage to the platen base frame. Amazon shipped another unit right away and it arrived last evening. The replacement unit looks fine and looks even better now that it's in my shop!

    An unexpected bonus is that Amazon must be shipping the DW735X package in place of the DW735. The "X" package includes the infeed/outfeed tables and a set of three replacement blades. That's $100 worth of stuff I wasn't expecting and got for the price of the planer alone!

    On my original order, I included a set of i/o tables so now I have a set I'll need to return. Oh, well, small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.
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    beautiful piece of machinery. best of luck with it Bill!

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    Very nice. I'm jealous.

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    Congrats Bill! Nice getting the upgraded package, the replacement blades are not cheap!

    I'm sure you'll enjoy it, I sure like mine!

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    looking good. Just don't forget your ear protection.

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    Congrats Bill!

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