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    Mesquite Bowls

    I have been working on getting ready for my first Craft show. Before this I always talked myself out of it. Now I have money down and will lose it if I don't go, so I'm going. Put these three bowls together for the show. Largest is about 10 inchs X 4, next 7 X 3 and 4 x 2 1/2. All Antique Oiled. Ren wax.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Tossing up a prayer for ya dude...but with that work, you won't need it
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    Nice form and finish. Good looking wood too. They should sell fast.

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    Very nice, Dennis. Good luck!
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    Great looking bowls. Good luck.
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    Dennis great bowls. Seeing the work you do i don't think you should have any trouble at that sale. Hopefully theres a big turn out for ya.

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    Those bowls could go on any table in my house AND no one could put nuts, M&Ms, or anything else in them to detract from their beauty.

    I assumed that they were to be displayed in a jurried show. If they are going to be in a show (fair or whatever) where they will be for sale---What will be with them?

    I am sure that paragraph above has my English teacher turning over in her grave. However, I'll bet that you know what I mean.

    Lot's of very good luck with the show, whatever kind it is.


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    Those look great, Dennis. They should sell's hoping for a big crowd with loose, heavy wallets for your show.

    Where's the show? There may be other Family members who'd like to drop by and see your goodies, or know someone in the area looking for bowls and such.
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    Even if you're not ready for a show, YOUR WORK IS!!!!!

    I hope the customers appreciate your skill.

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