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Thread: Another New Tool

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    Another New Tool

    With my hands turning into Paws, first thing I notice in the mornings is my inability to button & zip my pants. (Although women may find it exciting, the world is not ready for that, yet)

    Went to a local Pharmacy that deals with handicapp equipment and purchased this buttoner thingy...

    Works great and I got to thinking that you turners who want a new project might be interested.

    I have some design ideas as well, if interested. Only fly in the ointment is the wire, needs to be stiff enough although small enough because there is considerable force on the end and soft wire will just straighten out.

    Old folks as well as physically challenged may be interested... I know I paid too much for this contraption...
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    Bill, I'm wondering if the wire is spring steel, heated then bent to shape. What do you think? Looks like it'd be ewasy enough to make, but like you said, getting the loop right would be the tricky part.
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    It must be, rather stiff and holds its shape although 1/16" thick or so. It does work well. Paid around $18 for the thing then came home and went on line... Amazon has a folding model for less than $3 which I figure will come in handy to pack with me in the event I am out and have to go to the restroom. (tough asking some guy in he next stall to button for me)

    I ordered the folding one and will see about replacing the plastic handle with some fancy replacement.

    Don't know if you noticed but the other end has a small hook for grabbing the zipper... also quite handy...

    Been wearing Hawaiian shirts so i can have my shirt tail out to cover my partial closed drawers... With cool weather settling in, this is a relief although I still love to wear Hawaiians. Wife went to work before I got dressed the other day, that prompted me to go find a solution... Glad I did.

    Waiting to see some goodlooking turned handles in lieu of the hospital blue plastic.
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    Kinda of a cool tool Bill. The way my hands feel some mornings I may have to find one those.
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