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Thread: Offering Plates in Oak

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    Offering Plates in Oak

    A set of four donated to a small church in Williamsburg, Va. A former co-worker called and asked if I would help them out with turned offering plates for their new church. They wanted them in Oak to match their furniture. Coincidentally, a neighbor took down two large oak trees and offered me the wood. Most went to the firewood pile, but I saved enough to do these. They are roughly 12" x 2" and were rough turned, DNA soaked for several days, wrapped in several layers of newspaper and dried in my 100 degree plus attic for a couple of months. Five coats of Waterlox after finish turning, then buffed with white diamond and renaissance waxed. The third pic, which shows a recess in the bottom, was the sample plate and the church folks opted to leave it off the rest of the plates since they will be putting a felt pad in the bottom to muffle the sound of coins.
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    Those are great Ted...nothing else to be said...good purpose, well made and anyone would welcome them. I keep looking at 'em...finish is just off the hook!
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    those bark inclusions really set those off ted looks like the churches around are doing pretty good, they gettin new offering plates every where
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    Ted great looking plates. I have two more drying as we speak. They will be turned this weekend and are made out of black gum crotch. hope they turn out as nice as yours.

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    Ted those are beauties. Really well done.
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    Those look great, Ted. Like I said to Steve about some he did recently, I not only like the offering plates, I'm impressed by how well they match. I'm pretty bad at making more than one of anything, so I admire those who can turn duplicates.
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    Very nice, Ted. I like the flowing lines.

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