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Thread: A Tool Fruit Basket Auction Win

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    A Tool Fruit Basket Auction Win

    Have you ever bought a fruit salad of tools on auction when you just wanted one thing?

    Well, I wanted a brace for drilling holes. I have it in my mind to build a new workbench next year and I'm trying to get my ducks in a row.

    When I built that last one, drilling the 3/4" dog holes with an electric drill was hard to do, hard on the drill and hard on me too.

    I went looking for a brace here and all I could find were some cheap made in China plastic handle units that looked like they would fly into a thousand pieces the first time I dropped on on the floor and they were about $30.

    Off to Yahoo Auctions.

    I found one or two braces by themselves, but they wanted $40 or $50 for one because it was a "Stanley" or it was an "Antique" yada yada yada

    I finally found a real fruit basket of tools and a cheap price......

    That is the fruit basket

    A brief description of the tools in the pics

    1 This is a big welding ground clamp, solid brass, worth more than a few buck, and I'll add it to my MIG welder for sure!
    2 Good quality F-clamp, these are about $15 here in Japan, it is not new, but works well
    3 This is the Black "Whats It" dunno what it is
    4 This is the Red "Whats It" dunno what this is either
    5 Two Egg Beater drills, on is cheap, the other is a very nice unit, I'll post more on it later
    6 Two used hacksaws, both are a bit tatty, but totally functional
    7 One new but very slightly rusty razor pull saw blade, new these things are about $25, I can easily clean the slight surface rust off this the second item is a package of three new hacksaw blades.
    8 Four braces, this is what I wanted from the start, now I have four of them
    9 Two soldering irons, one is really large, I think I'll modify the thick chunk of copper into my "SA" mark I put on all my work, making it a branding iron..?

    Well there you go, my "Fruit Salad" of tool from auction. I won the auction for about $12 and the shipping was $10, I think I got my moneys worth....?

    Here are the braces....

    The three on the right look like they come from the same company, they are the same in every detail except the color of the handles. the one on the left is slightly different. I can find no markings on any of them at all, they all work just fine. I guess they would all have about a six inch sweep.

    I guess I'll have to find some bits now, I think my dad has a set he does not use anymore that he will send me.

    With a screw driver bit, these become decent cordless drill too!
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    Nice haul, Stu!

    I can identify mystery item #4. It's a tire "Hot patch" clamp from back in the days when all tires had inner tubes.

    The hot patch was a piece of a special rubber compound that was stuck to a little metal tray. The tray was full of a combustible compound similar to what's used in those roadside flares - it burns really hot.

    You cleaned the hole in the innertube, then put the patch over it and clamped it down using your #4 item. Then you lit the combustible compound on fire, and it burned for a minute or so, fusing the patch into/onto the tube and sealing the hole. Most 'Service Stations' had those clamps back in the 1950's.
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    Very nice, Stu, very nice.
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    Nice haul Stu. Finally I get to call someone else a thief.

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    Nice haul thief. What a sweet deal.

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    Jim beat me to it!
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    I think that number three is a hunting cartridge refilling press, or at least it looks very similar to one that my grand dad had.
    Maybe some of you with more knowledge about guns can chime in, Frank?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toni Ciuraneta View Post
    I think that number three is a hunting cartridge refilling press, or at least it looks very similar to one that my grand dad had.
    Maybe some of you with more knowledge about guns can chime in, Frank?
    That was my guess. But it would need some accessories and I'm not sure the head (moving) end is deep enough. Still a mystery.
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