(Yeah I know that's Thanksgiving weekend south of the border...)

Just a friendly reminder to anyone in Southern Ontario, or anyone interested in a weekend away, that the annual Canadian Home Workshop show is happening next weekend.

There are a bunch of big changes this year.

First, the show has moved from the spring to the fall.

Second, CHW magazine was bought by another publisher about 18 months ago, and they are combining all their shows into one big show. So the CHW wood show is going to be happening at the same time as the Cottage Life show, the Explore show, and the Outdoor Canada show. (those are magazines aimed at cottagers, Hunters/fishers, and just general outdoors folks.) If you go over to the Cottage Life web page, they have detailed info about all four of the shows.

The admission price will gain you admission to all four shows. (My understanding is that they are in separate halls at the International Centre in Toronto, but you can move between the halls)

Finally, admission is $15, but over on the Canadian Woodworking forum it was posted that Busy Bee tools is sponsoring(?) a discount. So if you go to the ticket purchasing web page, you can enter the promo code -- BusyBee -- and save $5 off the $15 ticket price.

I'll be at the show all 3 days. I'm working in the kids zone -- it's a free area where kids from 7-17 are escorted one-on-one through a workshop and helped to build a project.

If you do make it there, drop by and say hello. But I admit I'll probably be too busy for a lengthy visit.

See you,

ps: Full Disclosure - I do write articles for Canadian Home Workshop magazine, a couple times a year. However I am not getting any financial compensation from the magazine for posting this.