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  • I work exclusively in Imperial Units and my tools are mostly calibrated in Imperial Units.

    65 61.32%
  • I work exclusively in Metric Units and my tools are mostly calibrated in Metric Units.

    2 1.89%
  • I am equally comfortable in both and have tools calibrated in both.

    37 34.91%
  • I never measure anything. ;o)

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Thread: Imperial or Metric

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    Imperial or Metric

    Do you work using Imperial or Metric measurements or both? Are your tools calibrated in one or the other or do you have 2 sets of everything ?


    Maybe I'll set up a poll.
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    It depends on what you're doing.

    In furniture, I use imperial units mostly for setting general dimensions, external usually. Once those are established, I rarely measure anything. Mortises are either 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" because those are the bits I have for my router, but once cut those dimensions mean nothing, either. I use calipers, not to measure but to transfer dimensions. I use story sticks rather than rulers, because they're more accurate. Cut to fit, plane to fit, chisel to fit. Measurements don't mean that much in furniture; they're more general guidelines than absolute requisites.

    Building is another matter. There I use imperial exclusively and pay a great deal of attention to careful measuring. Stud spacing, stud length, rafter pitches, lengths, door and window openings are all critical because they're you're working to a standard used by everyone else and product suppliers, too. Windows, doors, cabinets come in fixed dimensions, so it's important that the same standards are used and adhered to.
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    Living in the USA, I have always used Imperial measurements for everything. I'm comfortable using Metric as well. In fact, there have been times that it's been easier to transfer a measurement in Metric rather than try to split a 64th!

    Like Bruce, I use story sticks in many cases after making initial cuts to specific measurements.
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    I dislike Metric. (don't ask why, answer would violate CoC)
    I use Imperial whenever possible.
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    I don't dislike metric. In fact if Imperial simply had never existed, and metric were the only system available we would all be in a better position.


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    imperial only. long live the empire!
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    I was brought up on imperial, but NZ changed to metric in 1976.
    In my opinion that was a great forward thinking move ,BUT we still get plans and stuff from USA which we have to dig out our old rules or use conversion tables etc ,so to be truthfull i hate using the imperial system now,
    Metric is SO much more user freindly.

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    I do both. Imperial is my default and metric is great for incremental or comparative measuring. It is nice to just be comfortable with both. America tried to convert twice while I was in school so a little sank in and then a little more. I worked for Canadian company for a year and that will cure you of any Celsius blues ;-) I have managed to ignore Bob's Rule so far.
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    I can't answer the poll. I use Imperial almost all the time, but rarely, I have to divide some awful fraction in half, like 7 13/16. So then I might use a metric rule.

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    like a few other have said, when making furniture I don't measure, I do use story stick and calipers.
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