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Thread: A Funny Thing Happened.....

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    A Funny Thing Happened.....

    The funniest thing happened yesterday while I was looking at an old Wood Magazine, a special Jig and Fixture issue. It was an issue from a couple of years ago that my mom sent I was reading and reading and thinking wow, this is a great issue, these jigs look useful and easy to make blah blah blah, so I turned the page






    The next article was written by our very own CAROL REED. Way to go Carol!
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    If the article was as good as her instructions to me about setting up an old hand plane, it was a darn good article.

    Speaking of Carol: She purchased my dad's old Atlas metal lathe from me. I forgot to give her the original advertisement, the original manual, how to book, etc. I will have to find out if she wants me to mail them or give them to her friend who is coming to pick up my previous Delta woodlathe.

    Sorry, got off track.


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