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Thread: I'm now a walking/talking hardware store.

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    I'm now a walking/talking hardware store.

    Hi folks,
    haven't been around much lately but I've got some time on my hands now so I thought I'd drop in and see what's been going on. This has been a hell week for me. It's a long story but I'll cut it short and just hit the highlights. Wednesday morning I was just starting a family room remodel for my neighbor across the street. They've got paneling on the walls and they wanted me to pull off the paneling, install wiring for a new surround sound system and then put drywall back up. Then install some new recessed lighting, crown molding, and then build some shelving and a book case for the A/V equipment. I'm going to mount his new flat panel on the wall and hide all of the wiring and such and give them a nice built-in look to the shelves for the gear.

    I started the job just after 9:00 on Wed. morning and had removed the top and bottom trim molding and had just pulled off the first piece of paneling. I removed all of the nails and was about to pull the second piece off when I found one more nail up near the ceiling. I had been standing on the raised hearth to get to most of the nails but I slid the ladder over next to the hearth to get to the last one. I climbed up two or three steps and pulled the nail out with no problem. I then proceeded back down the ladder. For some reason I decided to step off of the ladder and onto the raised hearth. Something must have distracted me and I misjudged the distance to the hearth. I just missed it and went right down to the floor. I immediately knew something was wrong and I thought that I had dislocated my shoulder. After writhing around on the floor in horrible pain for a couple minutes, the baby sitter came into the room to see if I was OK. The owners were at work and she's watching their twin four month old daughters. She called 911 and got them on the way. To make a long story short, it wasn't dislocated but broken. The strange thing is that it's EXACTLY the same injury I did when I fell outside on some ice and snow five years ago. But this time it's my right shoulder and not the left. After three days in the hospital I came home last night. The good news is that the post-op pain is much less this time because they put a plate and screws into it this time instead of just pinning it together. In hindsight, I wish I had them do the plate/screw last time too. I'm still in some pain but not as much as I was last time. I've actually got pretty good mobility also too so far. I think this recovery is going to be faster than the last one and my surgeon who did the first one said that I made a remarkably fast recovery for that type of injury. I'm glad I don't really fly so the TSA shouldn't be giving me any trouble.

    All I can say is that when I screw up, I do it RIGHT.

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    wow john,,, you havnt been drinking your milk each day have you cuz if yu had you wouldnt break so easy glad yur doing ok but you are pretty much on leave for awhile from that job huh... maybe yu should get your glasses readjusted for better depth perception
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    Sorry to hear about this geez you got me beat on the busted bone, and that is saying something

    Just be glad you did not land on your head..... they would have made you pay for the new hearth

    Heal fast!
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery John!

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    Ouch !!!!!!!!! Glad to hear your on the mend. You will be getting more then the medal detectors going off at the air port now. Just think; when they here the detector go off you will be the full treatment.
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    Wow, hope you heal quickly John. Sounds like a fun project (other than the drywall part).

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    Not so sure having a matched set is all that good in this case.

    I've got a matched set of broken collar bones, but fortunately I don't have any metal in me...

    Hope you have a speedy recovery!!

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    Very sorry to hear about the injury.
    Hope you/we aren't starting a trend.
    I am on the heal from shoulder surgery and you go and git yers messed up.
    Folks, let's stop this here.
    Hope all goes well for the healing and therapy.
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    Wow John

    Sure hate to see that. Is that hardware to be left in or removed after healing...
    Hope you have a fast recovery....


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    They're going to leave it in. Now I'll be sure to have the TSA crawling up my butt if I ever have to fly anywhere.

    "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

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