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Thread: Smoke and Fire

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    Smoke and Fire

    This is the last of some nasty powdery old redwood. The first one I swear was 1/4" thick...I swear!!! So here is the second one
    About 5" tall. The bottom looks dumpy because I wanted to copy a Chimenea. I wanted the top taller but that didn't work out either That explains the colors. Orange, black and yellow with the black inside seemed either like Chernobyl or a fire pot . The grain really stands up despite several sandings after the dye was applied...oh well! 1 coat of WoP with 2 more to go. Enjoy
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    I really like the color, Jim. (The form's nice, too, in my opinion.) The "standing grain" issue is pretty common with the redwood I've turned. The difference in hardness between the growth rings is the main problem, and the more you sand, the more it becomes apparent.
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    Jim really nice looking piece Never had any red wood so don't no anything about the wood, but what ever ya did works for me.

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    Jim that is a fine looking piece. You did well with it. I have turned two pieces of expensive redwood that made their way to the firewood pile. No more Redwood for me. The pieces I had were just to soft, punky in a way and all I did when turning was make powder.
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    Inerresting piece! I like the dye job. I have a stash of cottonwood from a tree that went down in the neighborhood. Boring stuff, so I wll experiment as I have some solar lux and transtint from previous projects to play with.
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    You did a very nice job on this piece!
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    Jim I missed this one until now...I like the contrast with the interior!
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    I have to say, I love the dyed wood. We don't see a lot of it here, I think it's ......taboo?....but I really like it.
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    Jim, nicely done. I too like the contrast between the outside and inside. Good Idea.

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    Nice looking form, pleasing to the eye!
    The "Dye Job" looks great too.
    Well done.

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