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Thread: A retirement get together.......

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    A retirement get together.......

    If the LOML doesn't get called in for jury duty...(we'll know this evening) Friday she's got a substitute scheduled for her at school and school is out Monday. I have vacation scheduled for Friday and Monday.

    It was February 1977, I was freshly out out of the Navy and recently trained as a field engineer for a company that manufactured cat scanners. My wife and I had just returned from a week in Bend, OR where we'd bought our first home. The recently constructed medical center there hadn't finished construction on the new suite of rooms for the cat scanner. So...the company sent me to work in the final test area of the cat scanner production plant in Solon OH and I met Brian. A few weeks later, Brian transferred to field service and attended the same school I'd just finished. After completion, he moved to Missoula, MT. So in March I've had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Brian for 30 years.

    Brian's retiring in March and they are combining the annual Montana FEs get together and his retirement get together into one event. Though I don't often work with the Montana FEs I've been invited to attend.....Friday we leave driving to either Bozeman or West Yellowstone, MT. we'll see how my back takes the driving. Saturday evening dinner at a very nice restaurant in West Yellowstone, MT and Sunday a day long "snow coach" tour of Yellowstone Park. A snowcoach looks like a full sized van that's sprouted tracks like a snow cat. Sunday evening we hope to get back to Missoula and traverse the passes back home on Monday.

    All in all it should be a fun weekend with some very nice people!

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    I envy you Ken, those are places I would love to see some day. My son and my brother have been out there, and I hope someday to go on a hunt out in that area.

    It sounds like you should have a good time and do some catching up with a old friend, I hope your back can hold out.

    If you are able to make it, Enjoy.

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    Thanks Steve! If you get a chance by all means take the LOYL and make a trip to the Rockies......Canadian or US..........the Cascades..........the Tetons.....the Olympics.....Some people may take offense by this.....none intended on my part.........I'm never closer to my maker than when I'm on a mountain ridge with a beautiful vista before me.....sharing the view with a close friend or relative.....a cup of warm coffee in my hand......fall chill in the air......I'm wearing my hunting wools..........In my mind I'm thinking...."My God! What beauty!" When the day comes I don't enjoy or appreciate that anymore...somebody do the humane thing and shoot me......Life won't be worth living......I was first introduced to the Rocky Mountain west of the US at age 6. It's been in my soul since........The LOML a confirmed flatlander had some struggles adapting but now she too is's not for everybody.........

    I've never seen Yellowstone in the winter....It should be fun and a much smaller crowd too, I might add!

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    Throw a few Elk in the mix and a couple of Trout and that is all a man can hope for.

    Your description in words is beautiful Ken...someday I want to see it.

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    I hope you are able to make the trip, Ken. It certainly sounds like you are looking forward to it. Take care and have a great time.


    "Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."
    Vince Lombardi

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    I never made it up there to Lewiston, though my old employer had a terminal there. I have been through the rockies, and while my flatlander wife wants somewhere warm, I'm thinking about the Willamette valley in OR as a place to resettle someday.

    I'm an ex road warrior, and have been in all but two of the contiguos 48. Alaska ,Hawaii and the dakotas are on my 'someday' list too, but only to visit.

    I bet you'll find a bunch of snow-lovers at Yellowstone Ken, but you're probably right there will be less than in other times of year.

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