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Thread: Christmas gift ideas....20 - 25 dollars.

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    Christmas gift ideas....20 - 25 dollars.

    Anyone have any ideas? Something any woodworker would like to have? Let's get some juices flowing and see what creative ideas we can come up with. Jim.
    Woodcraft self adhesive measuring tape for fence systems 21.99 for 2 12', one L-R, one R-L.

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    Woodcraft has already narrowed down your search:

    And here's Rockler's version:

    That should get a few juices flowing.

    I've gotten a lot of use out of this:
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    I really like my fastcap "Old Standby" tape measure.

    But they have a wide variety of specialty tapes for under 10 bucks...

    Made more for woodworkers than carpenters, if that makes sense....

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