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Thread: Hunters Paradise

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    Butte Montana which is 1/2 way between Purgatory and Heaven

    Hunters Paradise

    I was driving from Butte to Helena MT the other day, and about 30 miles north of my house and I was lucky enough to catch these pictures of a group of Elk crossing the highway. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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    Holy Cow Jiggs!

    That's amazing!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow. Thanks for sharing......
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    Neat photos!
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    Great shots, Jiggs. There were a couple of really nice bulls in that herd. (They all look like they've had a good summer and fall.) How many would you guess were in the herd? Gauging by the first pic, it looks like easily 80 to 100.
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    Yep, I'd say at least 100!

    Great pics of them leaping the fence too!

    I've never had Elk, I've had deer, moose and caribou but never elk.

    I love to see these wonderful animals in their natural habitat, just makes me smile!
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    Great shots. I saw herds like that somewhere in N. Calif., but I'm sure they were paid to be there.

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    Great action pics Jiggs I would have loved to have seen that in person

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    Fantastic and amazing pictures Jiggs

    I've never seen an Elk in the wild before.
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    i agree on the 80 number, and they must be coming down for the winter range areas..strange to see so many bulls with cows in one group unless they were staging for winter..and stu if yu ever get a chance to try elk do it its rates right up there with moose and caribo.. bob they are magestic critters and when yu stumble on one laying down in tall grass at under 20 yrds they are very intimadating if all yu have is a YOU to protect your self

    nice pics jiggs!! got relatives in helna
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