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Thread: I SKYPED the Ambassador, or did he SKYPE me?

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    I SKYPED the Ambassador, or did he SKYPE me?

    Hello everybody:
    I installed SKYPE on my computer a couple of months ago when my oldest moved to the US, so we could keep in touch every couple of days or so.

    There is a couple in BC that I talk to every couple of weeks as well. Rob K. and I have been in touch with each other even though we are less than an hour away from each other.

    My greatest thrill so far was being SKYPED by the man himself at 3:29 pm yesterday. We told lies for nearly ˝hr. at which time I had to sign off. Oprah comes on at 4:00.I didn't get to look at him (maybe that's a good thing)since he doesn't have his camera hooked up yet!

    Anybody else got SKYPE? It's a great way to visit, and best of all it's FREE!!!

    PM me with your ID if you are interested in SKYPEing! Bye for now!
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
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    Not me I can not lie to well and seeing my face you can tell when I'm am trying to lie.
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    I have Skype. I installed it to keep in touch with my son and his family while they are trotting around Australia, New Zealand and, later, much of the rest of the world. Great bit of technology, and free. Nice to see the grands now and then.
    Jay and I talk occasionally.
    Only downside to Skype is one could spend all day, every day, talking to friends all over the world.
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    well mac, if the moon hadnt shown so brightly i wouldnt have been able to tell it was you
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    I use it all the time Mack. I try to talk to Peter Shirtcliffe in the UK at lest once a week if I can and I also call John Smith over there also.

    I also talk to Chuck in Ca alot. It works great for all the organ builders LOL
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