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Thread: I ticked off the Chinese G'ment??

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    I ticked off the Chinese G'ment??

    Wanna hear something weird? My kayak web site is blocked in China. Meaning the G'ment chose to block it.

    A fellow I know is a pilot and just flew to China. He emailed mail and told me about this.

    Of course Facebook is blocked but that is no surprise. I knew that. Wonder what is wrong with my website?
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    It's apparent to me from looking at your site that you're a spy and a counter-revolutionary intent on overthrowing the Chinese government. Either that, or "kudzu" means something different in English than it does in Chinese.

    (Now watch...this post will probably get FW blocked over there as well. Their loss, I'd say.)
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    Been there.. Almost everything is blocked
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    It could be due to the facebook link, but it's also a recreation site, so that may be the issue as well.

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    It is a commerce site. They (China) do not want their people spending money on American Products. I say this not to be a Political rant... it is purely speculation.

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