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Thread: Its Wednesday so what cooking

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    Its Wednesday so what cooking

    For many on the forum tomarrow starts a 4 day holiday as we give thanks for all we have been blessed with. So what have yall got planned for this thanksgiving long weekend. I'll be kicking back tomarrow enjoying the fine cooking LOML will provide. the rest of the week end is open so I'll figure that out on the fly.
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    Wednesday: Finish thawing a turkey - it's almost there. I've had the injection marinade steeping for a couple of hours already - a few more hours and it'll be ready. Boston butt is thawed - will get a rub on it shortly. I'm prepping the smoker and will start the turkey and butt around 6pm and let it smoke all night. LOML will whip up a couple of salads today to reduce the work tomorrow.

    Thursday: Eat as much of the above as possible! ...after adding mashed potatoes and dressing to the menu.

    Friday: Attend the Black Friday celebration at Lowe's! Don't see much exciting in their ad, but will go to the store to see what's happening.

    Saturday: Continue recovery from all of the above!

    Sunday: Suffer withdrawal since NASCAR season is over. At least my guy Jimmie did the deal again!!! I guess LOML and I will have to find an alternate activity.
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    I'm on vacation this week so I'm getting some shop time. Thursday will be going to the outlaws and stuff my face. Later will go out and shoot a few clays. Friday take the exchange student out to experiance black friday. Sleep and then more shop time.

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    I "got volunteered" to work at a fundraiser this afternoon, should be fun though. Tomorrow I'm making a cornbread/sausage dressing and going over early with my brother to help my mom get all the rest of the food finished...then eat, then sleep. Friday, staying away from the malls and other shoppers ....more family time and another smaller meal with the inlaws in the firm plans for the rest of the weekend, but I'm sure it will be busy.

    Happy Turkey Day to all!!
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    Driving home from Seattle to Portland trying to dodge all the holiday travelers on the Icy roads.
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    LAst night I put the wild turkey I shot last month in a Ranch Marinade and will grill tomorrow.
    Thursday Mom and Dad and the boys will be over for dinner, may hunt in the Morning.
    Friday Deliver the Gilded furniture and may hunt the customers farm in the afternoon.
    Saturday try an all day hunt.
    Sunday morning church and then going to look at a new farm to hunt with lots of deer.
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    Working the woodshow all weekend...

    Figure I'll help at least 20-30 kids build a step stool or coat rack.
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    After work finish updating my inventory pictures and info for insurance in case of . . . whatever. I do this annually around the holidays.
    Thursday - eat.
    Friday - recover from eating.
    Saturday and Sunday - Shop time.
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    Finally finished up the work project I've been slaving over the last 4 days.

    Now I have to mill up some maple carpet reducer to go over the edge of the laminate I put in. Figured the maple would match the cabinets and fireplace mantle pretty well. Should be a pretty easy project that call all be done on the table saw. New carpet coming next week, so have to get that done if nothing else.

    Might spend a little time designing the media alcove and get started on that, time allowing.... (I know, if I was a Levine Machine, I'd get all that done and make a bed and a table or two, but a man's gotta know his limitations )...

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    Heading to my sisters for Thanksgiving tomorrow and probably going to a movie afterward.

    Friday I've got a corned beef and some potatoes to throw into the crock pot. I'll be moving the kitchen and xmas stuff to the house (out of my shop ); installing the lally column in the crawl space since the footer has had all week to cure; and starting on doors for the kitchen cabinets.

    Saturday I plan to put up the xmas lights outside and tear down the wood stove to install some new firebricks. Might pickup some stove pipe/chimney parts and try to get that installed on Sunday in the shop.

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