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    About the show

    Seeing as how this was my first show I don't know the differance between a good one or a bad one. I can only relay what others at the show told me.
    First off I had a good time. Even though I went with a nasty cold. Lots of drugs and my wife helping me out made a big differance.
    According to others who did a show at the same place 2 months before the number of venders was up but the crowd was only about a third of what it was.
    The only Zebra Wood that sold were bottle stoppers with the plastic ends. The Walnut Potpourri Pot sold that was in one of the posts that I showed you. I did a little over 200 in sales but the space was only 30 so it was still Ok.
    Every body liked the Mesquite bowls but no one wanted to pay for it. Mostly small items sold. Learned a lot. My setup needs work but I think it was Ok.

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    Congrats, Dennis. Any show where you come home with more money than you left the house with it a good one.
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    Happy to hear that you made a profit. Plus, you have had fun.

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    I agree with Vaughn. Getting back the fee is the important part. Seeing peoples reaction to your work is even more fun. Display looks nice too.

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    I'm happy you had a good first show. I assume that it is going to lead you to try for an even better second show and I REALLY HOPE THAT IS THE WAY IT WILL BE.


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    Well for sure is a good feeling when you go home with more than you left with. Congrats on some your sales.
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    Looks like your had an early Christmas! Gratz Dennis!
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    well dennis your spread looks nice good variety,, did you notice any pattern in what the people liked and bought? from what i can see in your display it looks like most of your stuff is real glossy,, perhaps try a few things in a satin aswell.. from my perspective and from what i have seen on here from others that satin seems to be the preferred finish latly..and yu could easily make some of your smaller items satin with just alittle more work or a spray can.. just mt 2cents not worth any more ... glad you came out ahead of the game on your first sale but certainly not your last
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    You have a nice selection of interesting items.
    My definition of a good show is when you make a good net profit.
    "Folks is funny critters."

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    Congratulations! Nothing gets your attention like "showtime"!
    Despite the cold, Im sure it was a great experience. Don't know that I'll ever get there, but ya never know.

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