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Thread: What have you traded for lately?

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    What have you traded for lately?

    This past calendar year I have been "talking with" a guy that wanted my old Oliver (the one I took the loader off of last year due to a crack in its hydraulic pump). Yep, told him the whole story, it had sat for over a year, put jumper cables on it, filed the contact on the rotor and she fired right up. He was impressed.

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    Well he got a little more anxious about wanting the Oliver AND my '48 Ford farm truck (has a hydraulic dump, flat head V8 and overdrive trans).

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    Needless to say, even up, my two items for his. 6 cylinder Perkins diesel. Doesn't articulate, both axles are steerable. Approximately a 1969 model, 1470 Case 4 wheel drive. Heat and air, windsheild wipers, pretty deluxe model in that it has a pto, 4 hydraulic remotes and 3 pt. hitch! Yep, traded. What am I going to do with it? Thinking about how funny it will look if I get my young team mowing next summer and mow two strips around the fence then pull out the case with a batwing mower to finish mowing the pasture! Wonder what people would think!

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    Okay, here is one of my recent trades, what have you traded for lately?

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    I think you got the better end of the deal

    I have a good ole boy handshake on trading my 1950's Farmall C for the same vintage Farmall H. First tractor I drove when I was about 4 was a H and for sentimental reasons I wanted another.
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    I aint traded anything except time for money.

    Hey Jonathan dont you farmers believe in paint? i also think you got the better deal. keep moving up like that and soon it will be new.

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    looks like a good trade jonathan at least yu have abetter chance of gettin parts for this one than the oliver or the ford. but thats alot of tractor for your flat farm. and the fuel consumption is gonna be quite abit higher for the work load yu have for it.
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    I dunno Jonathan... that new one doesn't really look like a farm tractor... the green oliver looks much more like it belongs in the field.... the new one looks like it belongs on the docks as a skip loader, forkloader or something doing real work...

    The truck is perfect for a farm truck... getting all that paint off probably reduced the weight load by 6 or 8 lbs and made it more efficient.

    Congrats on a good trade.
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    Good trad Jonathan
    I traded for this
    I traded the guy an empty spot in his garage for a full one in mine
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