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Thread: Ryobi tabletop router table and router combo

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    Ryobi tabletop router table and router combo

    I did not place this in classifieds, because Im not looking to sell it to any family member here.
    I do not have all the pieces, like the table pin, and the router wrench, and Im not sure if I have all the little plastic pieces that came with the dust collection, but the table is good, and the router works fine, I use it and I have the router table inserts, fence, mitre gauge, and a set of bits that I got with it (I dont think the box of bits are high quality, but to practice its fine)
    Its only a quarter inch collet.
    I will not ship it, Im not going to box it up and ship. Sorry. Im not looking for work, but I will offer it free, thats free, to any family member who wants to pick it up.(IM not looking for anything, unless you want to bring me a candy store hershey bar, no almonds, and dont tell my wife you are giving me chocolate)
    Brand new its a 100 dollar combo at home depot, without the small box of bits.
    Youll have to make arrangements to pick it up or have someone pick it up for you. (I dont mind any time of day or night, any day of the week. IM retarded now, I mean retired so Im around whenever I need to be)
    Ill hold it for anyone who wants it and can get it in the near future, lets say the next couple of months, I understand with the holiday season time is precious now.
    Just drop me a pm, its yours.
    (I dont know what model number the router is, its the Ryobi with the blue handles on the sides)
    I live in south west Nassau county, 35 minutes from the GW bridge or Verrazano.
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    update-the router table is gone. I sold it today.
    The parts cabinet, is gone. Sold it also.
    The steel shelving, Im letting it go next week or the week after, so if anyone still has any interest.

    I still have the Jet 22/44 open stand, still in the box, if anyone wants it.

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