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Thread: Two Handy Gauges

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    Two Handy Gauges

    I saw a Jig put on by Dave Richards, And when I checked out the link he put on,it peeked my interest. I sent for the DVD but also got 2 extra disks that had additional jigs on them. The first one I made was for setting up my fence that I use for cutting 4x8 sheets of plywood. The second one I made was just a marking gauge,but useing a pencil instead of a sharp marking device. What intrieged me the most was the way Steve Maskery adapts the clamping presure to secure the moving parts on the gauges.
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    Although they are a bid spendy because of the postage and the conversion from English pounds to US dollars ...... Still well worth the price of admission
    One very clever guy, I put it on my laptop so I could have it in the shop as I was making them. Its called workshop Essencials.
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    Those look good, Ron. How does the redline rip gauge work?
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    It works great Vaughn! I bought it a few years back from Eagle America. I bought three 52" sections. Two of them clamp togather so as to rip the full length of a 4x8 sheet of plywood. the single one is for cross cutting a sheet. There is a guide that you attatch to your skill saw. It rides in a chanel onthe track. With the gauge I show it takes into account of the saw off set. So all I have to do is set the currsor on my gauge to what ever I want to rip and just bump the fence up to it. From the under side of the track are a cam lock and that keeps it stationary. Then just run the saw down the track and it cuts to what ever you set on the gauge.
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    Ahhh, Now I get it. Very slick gauge... Might have to make one of those for myself....

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    Marking tools

    These look like very useful tools ... I could have used the longer one a couple of days ago. Thanks for sharing this, I will investigate too.

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    Don't know how I missed this thread But I like those
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