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Thread: best finish for oak and mahogany

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    I have some oak from when I redid my steps to my recroom and some mahogany boards that was laying around my shop and wanted to make some treasure/ jewerly boxes. Could I just use blo with a sealcoat of dewaxed shellac ? any opinions would be helpful.
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    for a jewelry box that would be fine or BLO and wipe on poly either gloss or sating finish or gloss and knock down the gloss if you prefer.
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    I will let more experienced members answer your question. I just wanted to welcome you to the form.

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    a jewlry box or keepsake box generally isnt to large, so you could use rattle can spray lacquer as well as the other really done have any restriction on those woods..the oak is generally pretty porous so it would take alot coats to fill in the grain if yur after a glass finish but if yu want just a protective coat and a satin look and feel, then wipe on poly will be good for handling.
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    If you want to fill the grain cigarette ash works in a pitch, with a quick hand polish shellac / alcohol 50/50. then a spray bomb or lacquer to finish it off.
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