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Thread: true story

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    true story

    Back in the year 1969 or 1970, a boy was scooting along on his metal mini bike, with his 3.5 horsepowered engine,somewhere in Queens New York. It was either a tecumsah, or briggs and stratton engine, didnt work well, but got him around.
    This boy drove his friend to another friend, dropped him off and the boy went on his little mini bike and drove off.. When rounding the corner, he noticed a little darkskinned skinny girl sitting with another skinny little girl. He was around 15, she was around 13 and half years, her friend around 13 also.
    He circled the block, drove right up to the 2 little girls, having no clue who they were, looked at the skinny darkskinned one and said, matter of factly"I dont know who you are, but I want to marry you one day."
    The two girls burst out in laughter, afterall, they were 13, and they giggled and whispered to each other, giggled some more, got up and laughed at the boy. Those girls were best friends since they were like 10 y/o.
    Time went by, the boy never saw the girls again, but then around a year later, at a gathering of teens, he saw her again and asked someone to introduce him to her. She was still hanging close to her best friend, and again, they laughed at the boy and giggled like little girls do.
    The boy stayed focused, the more he pursued this skinny little girl over time, the more her and her best friend giggled at him.
    To make a long story short, that boy, years later married that skinny little girl, and now, her best friend still lives a few blocks away and they still giggle and whisper together like little girls. That boy was me. And Dec 2nd this thursday, makes 32 years I married that little skinny girl
    Heres some proof.

    And just so I dont get accused of copying, that tuxedo I rented in 78, long before Ben Stiller wore it in Theres something about Mary on prom night.
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    Allen, let's see, congratulations to the both of you!!!! It must have been a Tecumseh, B&S run excellent forever! Great story, great telling, congratulations.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Wonderful story, Allen. Congrats.

    thanks for making me smile.

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    And what a cute couple!

    Great story Allen! Have a great Anniversary!

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    Hi and congrats!

    I read this and then I brought Myrna to read it. We both think it is wonderful.

    Many years ago---just prior to WWII---I was in High School. I was fairly active in school doing such things as running the sound system in the auditorium (there is only one auditorium larger than this one west of the Mississippi---Pantages in Hollywood), playing music for dances, etc. Anyway I got around quite a bit. One of the things I did was to walk across the college campus once-in-a-while (the college was next to the H.S.).

    Now why did I walk out of my way to go across the college campus? Well there was this really nice lady who worked there and sometimes I would see her and we would chat for awhile.

    Well I went off to war. When I returned I started my pre-med at the college. One thing lead to another over the years. I went to the School Of Optometry in Los Angeles and lived in an ancient three-story apartment house 6 blocks from USC. Week-ends always saw me going back to my home town two hours away from the campus. You know the rest of the story---I married my lady that I loved to talk to...she was only a year older than me but that had put her at the college when I was still in high school. I did not even dream of that kind of relationship when I went out of my way to talk to her. I thought she was older---you know, grown up.

    Well compared to me she was really grown up. She was mature, she had all kinds of responsibilities and I was an immature, scatter-brained teen-ager. It took a war and a bazillion years of college for me to grow up.

    We have been happily, wonderfully married since 1950 (I think it was 1950. I remember the date and she remembers the year). We had a great story. However, I like your story better; it is a magic story.

    I hope you also have a long and wonderful marriage.


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    Great story Allen, and congrats to you both.
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    mazel tov!
    benedictione omnes bene

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    Great story Allen
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    well done allen!!! and congrats to you both.
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    Good story, and great photo Allen. Jim, another good story. Thanks to you both. And just so nobody accuses Allen of being weird, lots of folks got married in stylish tuxedos just like the one he's wearing.

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