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Thread: Hinge Question

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    Hinge Question

    Hello all:

    I'd like to mount some pieces of ply or MDF perpendicular to the wall on hinges so I can hang stuff on them and add a lot to the wall space. I'd like the ply to swing from side to side, like roughly 180 degrees so I can mount several relatively close together and let my fingers do the walking, so to speak.

    What kind of hinges will let me swing the piece from basically flat against the wall on side then flat against the wall on the other side?

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    A strap hinge (or three) would let you do that, assuming it was well-anchored to the wall and the framing behind it. When closed with the panel on the inside of the hinge (where it's getting pinched by the hinge), it wouldn't go completely flush with the wall, but that shouldn't be a problem if you're hanging stuff on the panel, since that stuff would prevent the panel from laying flush anyway. If you really wanted it to go closer to flush, you could also taper the inside edge of the panel to gain clearance when in the "pinch" position. Or even bend an offset into the leaf of the hinge that the panel attached to.

    There are also beefier (and considerably more expensive strap (or gate) hinges that would do the trick. Like this one, or this one.
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    If the doors are MDF I would probably through bolt the hinges. I've found that screws don't hold all that well in MDF.
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    I think you'll like this , , , ,

    The pics are small but, you'll get the drift.
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