If you aint a subscriber to Joe Zehs Website http://www.srww.com then i would urge you to sign up for Joes newsletters. He has a really great site and lots of free plans and tutorials on sketchup. Real good quality stuff. If you ever write Joe you can be sure he replies.

I cannot express in words the high regard i have for Joe.

Really enjoy his newsletters and now see what Joe has just taken on in the shop.


This is what we need much more of all over the place. Giving the next gen and new comers a chance and sharing what we know with them.

Well done Joe even though i know you aint a member here and dont read this. Now someone tell me why this guy is not on some "Reality Talent show" because he is a real celebrity to me.

Seems like a very worthwhile project to me. Good for Amber and her initiative to have the courage to ask and get involved.

Real nice story.